Zamboanga (AsiaNews) – To strengthen Muslim-Christian dialogue, the Silsilah youth movement has organized a collection of toys and clothes for 80 Muslim children of the small island of St. Cruz off Zamboanga (Mindanao). The initiative is part of Silpeace program, which annually involves young Christians and Muslims in seminars and charitable activities in the poorest areas of the region which has a Muslim majority.

Vanessa Andica, coordinator of the program explains that young people spent a week collecting among the population of Zamboanga clothes and toys donated by charitable people of both faiths. On 29 May the gifts were handed out to children of St. Cruz. According to the Andic the visit was an opportunity to bring the children a bit of joy and help the development of their families. They only have contact with tourists visiting the island, often inattentive to the public. Through this initiative, the population is not left alone and isolated from the world and young Silpeace volunteers have the opportunity to experience the friendship and charity.



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