Last night there was an interesting interview with Mustafa Barghouti and Anna Baltzer.  Mr. Barghouti was a candidate in the last Palestinian election, winning 18% of the vote on a democratic, non-violent platform.  Ms. Baltzer is a Jewish American activist who has worked extensively in Israel and Palestine.

While this isn’t a topic that World Faith is directly involved with at this point, there were several interesting things that can be noted in this interview.  First of all, Mr. Barghouti, when addressing non-voilence activism, referred to historical activists of varied faith traditions, such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.  He also corrected John Stewart when John spoke in identity terms.  He Barghouti said, “This is not a Jewish issue, an Arab or Muslim issue, but a human issue.”

Also in the wider scope it was revealing.  Candid discourse on the Israel and Palestine peace process is infrequent in the American media.  It came to little surprised that when this discussion happened, that it wasn’t seen in political or polemic terms, but in shared religious values and common human dignity.

Check out the extended interview on Hulu, or go on the Daily Show Website!

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