The annual gala is happening in less than two weeks, and you’re still on the fence about whether or not to buy your ticket? Don’t worry, we’ve got a bunch of really good reasons for you to come hang out with us. Check it out:

1. For really good company.


This is one of our favorite nights of the year, and it’s not just because it helps us raise money to run our programs year-round. It’s actually mostly because the World Faith community is a ton of fun. We can’t wait to hang out with you all.

2. For plenty of food and wine.


We’ve got you covered.

3. For the price of your average night out.


It’s Saturday night. You go out for a nice dinner with friends and a bottle of wine (or two, if you feel like it) and your wallet is $42.86 lighter. With us, you could do the same thing while simultaneously saving the world (kinda).

4. For the ladies.


This year’s gala will benefit our Women’s Empowerment programming, from livelihood skills training in Pakistan to community organizing in Indonesia. Celebrating with us supports them.

Are you ready yet? Get tickets here. 

…Still not ready? Well, we have 5 more reasons why you should be:

5. For the complete free-for-all that is the community auction.

Every year, bidders go home with awesome stuff. Sometimes an adventure (like Mandarin lessons), sometimes something practical (secret recipe mac and cheese delivered to your door), and often unexpected (a game of D&D), the skills donated by other gala attendees are yours to take home. Just be the highest bidder!

6. For the all-star panel.


We’re honored to be joined by three inspiring women, leaders in their respective fields, for a conversation about women’s leadership across disciplines and around the world.

7. For the awesome MC.

Rico Frederick is a fun-loving Trinidadian transplant, a full-time Art Director, the Author of “Broken Calypsonian” a collection of poetry published by Penmanship books, & the founder of DizzyEngine Inc. Rico is the first poet ever to represent all four New York City poetry
 venues at the National Poetry Slam. He calls Harlem home.

8. For playing dress-up.


How many times a year do you get to wear a three-piece suit? This is the one time.

9. Unlike other stuffy galas you may have been to…

Excited gif

You’ll leave happy that you have made a contribution to the world… (ok, you’ll be a bit imbibed.)

So don’t wait too long or we’ll be sold out!!!

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