The single-most salient event to shape interfaith relations in our lifetimes might be 9/11. And six weeks later came the only all-faiths conference to date in Kansas City. Next month the tenth anniversary of 9/11 will be observed. This column is the first of several to offer recollections and perspectives about these events. Here are two.

•Early in the summer of 2001, the Kansas City Interfaith Council, which at that time I led, set Sept. 11 as the date for a news conference to announce plans for the Oct. 27-28 “Gifts of Pluralism” interfaith conference.

That morning, just before leaving home for the announcement at Pembroke Hill School, I turned on the news and was horrified. I did not want to take a chance that the Muslim member of the council could not make it to participate, so I phoned another Muslim leader as a backup. I rushed to the school.


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