They came, they schmoozed, they ate delicious food, they listened, they questioned, they connected. World Faith’s 2012 Winter Gala was a success! We welcomed out of town and in town guests to enjoy an evening of food, fun, and faitheism. Set on the eighth night of Chanukah, World Faith friends, family, and supporters graciously gathered to hear our honorary guest, Chris Stedman, speak about the contents of his new book, Faitheist.

As the guests gathered their food and drinks, conversation quickly subsided as Chris Stedman took the podium. With a humble demeanor and a wisdom ahead of his time, Stedman shared his inspiring story of a former Evangelical Christian turned atheist who now works to bridge the divide between atheists and the religious.  The guests listened carefully with a curious attentiveness, as it was clear that Stedman’s narrative had something rare and crucial to teach us all. After he wrapped up, the attendees asked insightful questions, furthering the discussion of the complexity, yet importance of including atheists, religious, and those everywhere in between in the interfaith movement.

After Stedman’s presentation, we listened intently as World Faith Executive Director, Frank Fredericks, shared some exciting updates of World Faith, including an inspiring video of World Faith India’s Rainbow School for slum children. We all came away with full tummies, signed books, thoughtful answers, and even better questions.



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