In 2018, World Faith Abuja (YOUPEDA), launched Women Savings, Credit and Cooperatives and Farming Empowerment (WOSACAFEM) in an effort to empower local women through entrepreneurship. YOUPEDA signed a two-year lease of a 4000m² space in the Ara community with approval from community leaders and elders. A selected and trained group of 25 marginalized women, including widows and those facing spousal abandonment, have been equipped to carry out different business aspects of this cooperative farming project, now being able to execute sales and trades, along with the physical farming skills they have gained. During the summer of 2018, in the middle of the ever-helpful rainy season, the women successfully planted the Ugu vegetable in the space, collecting positive yields. The 2019 rainy season has since commenced and with the help of farm manager John Kure, the group was able to test different harvesting and germination procedures and procure seeds for maize, melons, beans, and other crops in anticipation of a fruitful season. In addition to this, through the budget World Faith has set for them, they were able to obtain necessary tools such as wheelbarrows and rakes to further improve the farm.

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