World Faith is a global nonprofit focused on interfaith peacebuilding and development as intertwined issues, promoting youth to lead the efforts to tackle both. We are seeking qualified candidates to join our Board of Directors. No previous experience as a member of an organizational board is necessary, but enthusiasm about the work that we do, and a commitment to make a meaningful contribution to that work, is a must.

Directors of the World Faith Board are expected to:

  • Be passionate about interfaith collaboration toward global development
  • Consider World Faith their primary outlet for social good.
  • Be dedicated to the governance of a growing nonprofit, and the unique challenges that come with it. This includes approving budgets, hiring of the Executive Director, and meeting the legal requirements of directing a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
  • Attend at least three board meetings per year (out of four).
  • Complete at least one operational support service per year, including but not limited to: legally required functions like review of tax documents, mentorship of chapters, spearheading a grant proposal, contributing to a fundraising event by volunteering for the gala, offering a free training to our supporters, etc.
  • Give/get pledge of $1,000 in 2015, to increase as we grow. Qualifying contributions include: personal donation, facilitation of other individual donations, securing a grants or other contribution from an organization, foundation, or company.
  • Play a significant role in the annual gala, or a similar event during the year.
  • Maintain a public profile that is congruent with the values and mission of World Faith.
  • Bring their full selves, with passion and professionalism, to serving World Faith’s mission to the best of their abilities.

Send your résumé and a letter of interest detailing your interest in the position to If you were directed to this listing by a particular person or organization, please feel free to mention who they are.

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