Given the undeniable impact of political affairs upon religious matters and of religion upon such political matters as elections, marriage equality, reproductive rights, war, healthcare determinations, ethnic violence, economic rights—to name but a few of many—we at the JIRD believe it is time to dedicate a special issue to the topic of Religion and Politics. We ask that you share with us your critical reflections for our eleventh issue, due to be released in the late fall of 2012. Among the countless possible avenues for exploration, we have provided a few to prompt your thinking:

– Although politicians are expected to make official decisions without appealing to religious grounds for justification, they are allowed and even at times expected to utilize their religiosity during campaigning. How does this duality affect their constituents? Does it, for example, establish a false hope that a candidate who has been voted into office based on being a ‘better Christian’ than another will advocate for laws that adhere strictly to faith doctrines?

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