World Faith Delhi


HAQ (which means ‘rights’ in Hindi) focuses on advocacy, emergency response, and support for children and the homeless. World Faith Delhi (HAQ) knows that voting is crucial for slum residents in Delhi to vocalize their needs and to stop government initiated demolitions and evictions. HAQ volunteers get slum residents involved by teaching them about local elections and providing ballots. This advocacy effort extends to the HAQ shelter, where volunteers work with up to 350 homeless people a month distributing blankets, food, and water. In order to make a long-term change in the city, HAQ strives to give slum children the opportunity to learn so they can earn a degree and secure jobs outside of the slums.  Basic literacy also allows the children to better navigate the legal structures that govern them. The four schools serve over 300 children. By mobilizing Delhi’s slum residents, HAQ is helping to break the cycle that keeps generations living in poverty.

Chapter Location

New Delhi, India

About the Director

Shakeel Basha

my imageBorn and raised in Mumbai to illiterate parents, Shakeel started his pursuit of equality at an early age. Living in Slums of Mumbai he faced forced eviction seeing his home demolished not once but 10 times in the course of 12 years. With the secular fabric of India getting destroyed by communal elements he decided from a early age to work on issues like Interfaith, Communal Harmony, Peace building and Urban Poor Issues. He gave up his studies and devoted himself to these causes. His experience in Mumbai led him to work in other parts of India as well. He is currently based in New Delhi.  In addition to continuing the same work he is fighting for the rights of the marginalized people. In 2009 he left Aman Biridari to start World Faith India, launching HAQ, the flagship campaign that is working to address the needs of the homeless and Urban Poor in New Delhi.