A group of Christian and Muslim Elders in Egypt are working to promote interfaith relationship and diffuse tension between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

One of the members of the group Wael Mohamed Saleh and member of the Islamist group Gamaa Islamiyah said that he and other Muslim peacemakers helped to avoid mayhem after a Muslim youth was severely beaten at the funeral of the Christian priest Anba Daoud Boutrous who was stabbed to death in February. He and other Muslim peacemakers had managed to convince an irate Muslim mob not to avenge the beating of the Muslim.

Madgy Maher, a Christian member of the group said that some of the mourners at the funeral of Anba Daoud Boutrous had identified the Muslim at the graveyard by his beard, a sign that he was a Muslim. When the Christian mourners began beating the Muslim, Maher tried to intervene, but the young Muslim was badly beaten.


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