An interdenominational delegation from Israel will meet with a prominent Muslim preacher in Istanbul on Wednesday to discuss ways to enhance understanding between the faiths.

A rabbi, a Catholic priest, a Druse kadi and a Beduin sheikh will spend three days with Adnan Oktar, known also as Harun Yahya, a philosopher and theologian with a large following in the Muslim world.

Such encounters have taken place for a few years now, but this will be the second time the delegation will be headed by Ayoub Kara, Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee. Kara has advocated the improvement of ties between Jerusalemand Ankara as a vital need for Israel.

The group will also meet with Mufti of Istanbul Prof. Mustafa Cagrici.

“We are trying, along with people of faith, to create a situation of dialogue, and resistance to extreme Islam and terror,” Mendi Safadi, Kara’s chief of staff, said earlier this week.


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