A domestic worker, Nazia Hanif, started to study when she was 15 years old because of the Women Adult Education Center, which is run by Interfaith Youth in Action / World faith Pakistan.

Nazia Hanif is 15 years old and the youngest daughter among 8 children. Her five brothers are sanitary workers but all are drug addicts. Her two elder sisters are, like Nazia, also domestic workers.

Nazia did not attend school because her father, unfortunately, past away when she was only three years old. After her father´s death, Nazia´s mother was unable to pay for the study expenses and as a result Nazia decided to join her mother as a domestic worker.

When Nazia found out about the free Women Adult Education Center, she decided to participate, as classes take place in the evenings. As a result she can work and cook for her family before she goes to School.

Nazia wants to become a teacher and educate children and adult women who never got the chance to go to school.

Interfaith Youth in Action’s (IYA), a Project of Youth Development Foundation (YDF) and a local Chapter of World Faith, mission is to promote the importance of adult education in needed communities of Pakistan (https://worldfaith.org/south-asia/30-world-faith-pakistan ). This program is not only a way to embetter the lives of these needy women but it stands as an example of interfaith youth collaboration and cooperation to respond this issue when it is needed most. This program will provide safe spaces and opportunities for young volunteers of diverse faiths to interact and dialogues while educating and transforming skills these women of diverse religious and backgrounds.  This center is running by volunteers of diverse faith from last four months and with the support of Sister Anne & Sister Martha from Jesus and Merry congregation. (http://worldfaith.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/kickoff-of-the-first-woman-adult-education-center-in-lahore-pakistan/)

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