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I know I have neglected my duties of blogging for quite some time.  I will begin writing again now that I am back in New York after traveling for the past two months, most recently in India.  Essentially my plan is to recount what happened in India through a series of posts, in which I’ll include some photos and videos, etc.  Here is my first installment:

Day 1:   In the dawn of the first day in Delhi, a thick fog clouds the city.  For years I have been enamored with aspects of South Asian culture.  Having studied Kajira rhythms and amassing a decent library of both traditional and modern Indian music, I was ready to embrace a culture that I had already felt comfortable with before arriving.  India is beautiful.  Yet within a few minutes in Delhi, a whole new world begins to present itself.  The intense poverty is overwhelming, as children, often crippled, beg at every intersection in the city.  India is dirty.  I don’t mean this in a negative way, but this constant sense of contradiction in India.  Beauty and trajedy.  Even the term snake charmer fits the bill… Why would anyone want to charm a snake?  


I also felt a big isolated, for the first time in years.  While I have been doing significant amounts of traveling in the past few years, it has been to places where I feel comfortable with the language, know many people, and at least have some hope of blending in.  Knowing no Hindi/Urdu, I stuck out in India, towering over the men an average of five inches, and a foot over the women.  Luckily the Humari Dunya director, Soofia Ahmed, was there to help, with her husband Zubair. It was an unfamiliar feeling to me to be a complete outsider.

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