Kilna Bil Hayy (Arabic for “All of Us in the Neighborhood”) is a weekly Lebanese television drama that tells the story of six children who live in the same neighborhood and attend the same school.

The children are from the different religious backgrounds and ethnic groups that comprise Lebanon: Lara is Druze, Kevin is Christian, Nadim is Sunni, Sara is Shiite, Muhammad is Palestinian and Pateel is Armenian.  The second season of filming began in August, and it features a brand new cast.

The show is produced and created by the nongovernmental organization, Search for Common Ground (SFCG), with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is written by Jean Kassis, a Lebanese University professor and the head of the Actors Union, and directed by Elie Habib.

Naturally, the show’s cast fully supports the message of tolerance and believes that a youth-oriented — and acted — show is one of the best ways to promote this with the public. “This is a wonderful country,” says Pateel Hadidian, who is 14 years old. “If they could stop fighting, people would finally understand what Lebanon is.”

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