This past weekend’s gala raised oveOdyssey Logo-No tagliner $9,000 for our women’s empowerment programming!  A big THANK YOU to Odyssey Networks for contributing to the success of our annual gala, “Women on the Rise: Gender Equality in Global Development.” Without their support, we would not have been able to surpass our fundraising goal. Keep working to make the world a better place, guys. We hope to see you all again next year!

Let’s not forget that Odyssey Networks also covered World Faith founder Frank Frederick‘s own interfaith wedding in 2012.

WATCH: Common Values, Differing Faiths: A Muslim Marries an Evangelical


Odyssey Networks is a media non-profit that creates and uses media to show how people of all faiths and good will engage the world to nurture compassion, justice and hope. Our productions, scripted and factual, feature universal themes such as transformation, redemption and relationships, which are common to all people, regardless of faith.




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