If you weren’t at the Hillel last Friday night, it means that you missed my exceptional acting in a skit that I wrote to introduce our Wild West-themed Shabbat dinner. But it also means that you missed one of the most profound interfaith events I’ve ever attended on this campus.

Following a joint Jewish-Mormon dinner in the Hillel dining hall, Harvard students gathered to hear Mark Paredes, a Mormon who writes a column for the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles on Latter Day Saints-Jewish relations. Paredes, as Yair Rosenberg ’11-’12, the organizer of the event, put it, has devoted his life to “explaining Jews to Mormons, and Mormons to Jews.” And his presence immediately catalyzed a no-holds barred discussion on every issue that had previously driven a wedge between LDS Church members and Jews—leaving me far more enlightened than after any other interfaith event I’ve been to on Harvard’s campus. READ MORE

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