So the big question everyone is asking me:

“Frank, What’s next?”

Other than praying that I don’t fail my final two classes and working hard at the Italian culture organization, I have reached an epiphany. I will work full-time on World Faith after I graduate. I will take the Lunge

If finding a job isn’t intimidating, most people think it is crazy to attempt to be self-employed. However I am going a step further and doing so with a non-profit. I also run a record label, but I very well may close it during the summer if it does not progress profitably. So I will begin working to secure funding for the project between now and graduation. If by graduation we have not raised sufficient funds for full-time support, I will continue with my summer plans of developing and building our projects in India, Lebanon, and Egypt.

In the meantime we are considering adding a new program to the World Faith network which will essentially be a music camp for Palestinian and Israeli children in Israel. We are exploring logistically how that association would take form. Our programming team at NYU has grown to over 10 as begin planning for our WEEK of Interfaith Service, coming this April. This will be my last event as Chapter President of World Faith NYU, and begin my journey of realizing the worthy ideal of World Faith.

That’s all for now. I wish I had more to write, but as the opportunities abound, ambiguity resides. In the next 6 weeks I will be in conferences in Boston, the CGI in New Orleans, Chicago, and on a panel at the Q Conference in NYC. I see that my past two posts, over a month old each, are still on the top list, so its nice to know someone else out there is reading. As long as that’s the case I will try to keep writing… šŸ™‚

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