So many exciting updates from World Faith Indonesia!

The Women’s School


World Faith Indonesia’s  Women’s School has truly taken off. At the approaching start of its third round of classes, the school will serve 42 villages all over Poso!


Interfaith Women’s Congress

In late March 1000 women representing their villages came together to participate in the Interfaith Women’s Congress, working to employ the World Faith model of bringing peace and justice to Poso through local development. Village officials were invited to the culmination of the event, during which the women shared their suggestions on how to manage local law and policy in order to bring women’s voices to the table. These suggestions will be submitted to the Indonesian House of Representatives (at their request!) so that they might inform national policymaking that empowers women.


The New House


Documentarians working with World Faith Indonesia say of the new three-story Bamboo House that “after more than a year of very hard work from a team of sustainable designers, architects, and builders that include ex-militants, the DODOHA MOSINTUWU is born. It has three guest rooms, so please come and pay them a visit! 🙂 There is now a permanent library there for children, and the mobile library carries on in new villages across Poso still!” Lian’s former office will now be converted into a safe house for women and children who face abuse or persecution.

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