Several years ago I was invited to an event at the United Nations about interfaith dialogue.  During the question and answers, a young woman sitting directly in front of me stood up, said “I’m Grace Patterson, President of NYU’s World Faith Chapter,” and continued her question.  It was the first time I’d met someone in World Faith leadership who got there other than through knowing me, and a pleasant surprise.

About six months later, Grace also joined our office as an intern, which was more of an “office manager meets VP of everything” role than a typical internship.  After finishing her internship, Grace studied in Abu Dhabi for her senior year, and graduated last May.

When we were hiring for a new position here at World Faith, I suggested she apply.  I didn’t know that about 50 other people would apply, some with decades of experience.  Still I believe Grace has the skills and ambition to excel at her role here, and beyond.  Having known Grace for four years, I’m excited to see what she can build with her energy here.  Please join me in welcoming Grace.

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