World Faith Pakistan’s latest project, the “Program of Women’s Empowerment and Reform” (POWER) educated almost 60 women, largely domestic workers, who live and work in the post-conflict communities of Joseph colony Lahore and Gojra Faisalabad.

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From September 2013 to March 2014, 18 interfaith volunteers (7 Muslim and 11 Christian) taught participants basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills and organized two trainings on small business skills and women’s rights in Pakistan. Now, graduates of the program are being connected  with micro finance organization “Akhuwat,” which will provide them with interest-free microloans to start small businesses at community and city levels.

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National Director Shahid Ghouri says that this project has sparked a new wave of interfaith service, tolerance for other religions, and hope for more inclusive society in Pakistan.

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