Anyone who donates from now until December 31st will have their new year’s wishes shared with the entire World Faith community: 28,000 people on Twitter, Facebook, and email. We are so blessed to have this community to support and encourage our work, and we’re honored to lift up their voices as we prepare to ring in a new year full of growth and service.

World Faith on Twitter

Here’s how to share your message for the new year with our community:

  1. Make a donation of any amount.
  2. When you get our confirmation email, respond with your message.
  3. Make sure to follow the guidelines:
    • Keep it under 100 characters, to make sure there’s room for us to introduce you.
    • If you want to, give us your Twitter handle and we’ll add it!
    • We’re happy to see and share messages that come from a place of faith, but please refrain from sending us prosthelytizing messages, because we won’t share those.

If you have questions about donations, donation receipts, twitter, or anything in between, feel free to contact us.

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