This fall, World Faith at NYU is in a unique position as an NYU club.  Several of our officers have graduated, as have many of our members. Our programming budget has been approved, but we have no traditional programs to serve as a framework for our calendar this semester. The result is a clean slate—and a mixed bag. While our manpower is diminished, we also have the opportunity to redefine our role in the NYU community.

Put simply, most faith-based programs at the university are interfaith in spirit. That is, any student is welcome to attend events sponsored by a religious organization even if they don’t identify with the faith tradition of the organization in question. The problem is that people who might be interested in attending don’t know that! I have been one of those people. Afraid that I wouldn’t be wearing appropriate dress, that I wouldn’t know how to behave respectfully, or that I just plain wouldn’t be welcomed, I chose not to attend. With these folks in mind, I believe that there is a need on campus that we can fill: to highlight and support opportunities for dialogue and service which already exist.

To do that, we hope to co-sponsor the service events of as many faith-based clubs as possible and to make a point of inviting people who might not automatically feel invited. In this way, it is my intention to foster connections between existing organizations instead of creating another of NYU’s stereotypical micro-communities.

If you have questions or suggestions, want to be involved or stay informed about World Faith at NYU, you can contact us by clicking here.


Original Post By Grace Patterson, President of World Faith @ NYU

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  1. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll find many eager students who want to learn from what you have to offer.

  2. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll find many eager students who want to learn from what you have to offer.

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