Chak Ramnagar village: Three women self-help groups including 65 women work on different issues concerning the village development. With the formal introduction of World Faith Rajasthan in May 2012, the village women focused on mobilizing people of all sects and castes to support their work. In the morning hours of the May 23, 2012, 25 women started to remove plastic bags from the village in order to make the village plastic-free. They cleaned the village and the water sources from thrown away plastic bags and managed to mobilize a great number of villagers, especially women, to join them in their efforts.

Ramnagar village: World Faith Rajasthan organized a meeting to bring together all the sects residing in the village to resolve the water and other socio-environmental problems of the village. The meetings was an interactive dialogue session lead by Dr. (Mr.) Satya Prakash Mehra and Dr. (Mrs.) Sarita Mehra along with the local community leaders focusing on the positive impact interfaith collaboration can make when working on solving the village’s water problem.

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