We’re Looking for Leaders!

Apply to become the leader(s) of World Faith Cairo

We are looking for active and empowered leaders to lead World Faith Cairo and develop and lead interfaith volunteer projects/initiatives. The commitment can be as much or as little as the person makes it, but we are looking for a dedicated individual who is enthusiastic about volunteering in Cairo (or beyond!).


Potential leaders should:

  • Be interested in building community
  • Have a passion for interfaith work or service learning (or both!)
  • Can commit a consistent amount of time every week
  • Are willing to plan at least a few events (or more!) per year
  • Want to have a connection to an international NGO

Egypt has undergone major change and is truly an inspiration for the world. Now more than ever is it vital to create community as Egypt moves forward into the next chapter of its history. Leading World Faith Cairo is a unique opportunity for young leaders to lead and establish a group dedicated towards fostering this type of interfaith community.  


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