World Faith Executive Director Frank Fredericks’ Washington Post op-ed: The Egyptian Revolution, An Interfaith Movement was quoted in the article “Egyptian Uprising is Not Religious But Spiritual” in the Hindustani Times. Thank you to author Gautam Chickermane for the link back!

Egyptian Uprising is Not Religious But Spiritual

A lot of people have commented on my post yesterday, where I wondered whether the Egyptian uprising was Islamic. Many visitors have posted their comments, some of them rather strong, supporting and opposing the idea. I personally don’t think the uprising has anything to do with religion. In fact, if religion has to be dragged into this revolt, it has to do with the realisation of a new religion in the region — freedom. Beyond that, I believe, it is the spirit of the nation that’s behind this physical regime change call.

Coincidentally, the Egyptian uprising comes in the first World Interfaith Harmony Week, to promote dialogue and civility among the world’s religions. And almost as if it is part of a greater scheme of things, the Egyptian rebellion — following Tunisia and now spewing into Yemen — has become an interfaith movement.
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