From Shakeel, National Director of India:
Well almost 48 children have been admitted to the nearby Govt primary school as per the  Court Order. Though there is no sign of DTC bus which the court order has specifically mentioned. We need to take this up with the Assistant Director, MCD who is in charge of this case. So far overall in this academic year 150 homeless/Dalit children are admitted into Govt school.
As for the mid-day meal I’m glad to announce it has been started, daily 80 children are getting nutritious food ( like dalia, khichdi, grams etc). It is coming from a nearby ICDS center so the quality is  ensured. But the hygiene condition is not so good, well atleast children who were going without food are getting some food in the lunch time. We want the children to wash their hands and plates before eating but they don;t have access to water. So things may take sometime to get organised.
One homeless rickshaw-puller has volunteered to bring the food to the school.  By doing this at least people will be able to show some solidarity to be part of this Right to Education and Housing Rights campaign.
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