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Iftar is the meal muslims eat to break their fast in the holy month of Ramadan, and to honor this World Faith Lahore (Youth Development Foundation) just hosted its first iftar in a mosque. This event was held in response to the May 8th suicide bombing of Data Darbar, a famous Sufi shrine in Lahore. Sufism is a sect of Islam that is targeted because of its more mystical rather than fundamental beliefs. As such to create unity throughout the religious community, there was a pre-iftar discussion on the urgency for interfaith harmony. To kick off the evening, prayers were read from Christianity’s and Sikh’s religious texts in addition to the Qu’ran. However the most notable act of solidarity was when 30 Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Youth Faith Development student activist members formed a human chain to guard Muslim worshippers. It’s acts and occasions just as these that foster peace within the community. World Faith Lahore looks forward to further supporting tolerance in anyway it can.

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