World Faith Lahore has launched a new round of the POWER Program this January. The Program Of Women Empowerment and Reform(POWER) has enrolled 27 new students for six months of women’s empowerment training on livelihood, life, and literacy skills. A group of men from the community attended the launch ceremony, as we believe creating awareness amongst men is vital for the empowerment of women.


World Faith Lahore is doing their part by supporting the education of women in Pakistan. In 2015, through the Program of Women Empowerment and Reform (POWER), World Faith Lahore educated 96 domestic women workers with basic reading, writing and business skills and connected them with micro-credit organizations to start their own small business. In 2016, POWER has educated 81 women in basic reading, writing, math, and Urdu. We also witnessed the powerful impact they had on reducing propensity toward violence.  We are excited to see World Faith Lahore continue to grow.

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