World Faith Lahore (Youth Development Foundation) just hosted the Youth Tolerance Summit in Lahore, Pakistan, which aimed to bridge the gap between the various ethnic and religious groups to promote peaceful coexistence. Over 250 students, social activists, religious leaders, and volunteers came together in an act of unity. They all came from different walks of life, but were determined to learn about each other.  As one local teacher, Mawlānā Abdul Majid Wattoo, attendee pointedly asserted “semi-illiterate and biased preachers” instill misguided hostility toward rival sects, and as such she brought her students in order to combat this toxic attitude. Mawlana’s own student,Fatima, exclaimed that she made many friends during group activities and peace sessions, which may not only profoundly impact her life, but also those in her community. We are eager to see more opportunities for positive engagement between communities created across Pakistan.

Panel Speakers addressing the youth

Local newspaper clipping of the event


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