The World Faith Chapter in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has been doing some great work with Habitat for Humanity.  Over the course of this year, they have dedicated 42 hours of service to the project, as well as attracting help from professionals to take care of some of the most pressing needs.

Mustafa Abdullah had this to say:

Since January, we (6 of us) have intermittently worked for about 21 hours on Ms. Janie Murray’s home.  Ms Murray’s home is in desperate need of renovation, and Ms. Murray’s age impedes her ability to actively do such work.  We have done a lot of things from cleaning her home, cleaning and taking out unwanted items (i.e. worn out furniture, broken electronics, and a leaking freezer).  We are currently trying to get an electrician to come out to her home and install a hookup for a washer and drier on the main floor.  Her washer and drier is currently located in the basement, which is dangerous because of her age and it is quite a burden on her body to be carrying loads of laundry down and up from the basement.

We congratulate World Faith Winston-Salem for their dedication, and look forward to seeing pictures and hearing stories from their experiences volunteering.

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