Ebba community leader Chief Maikefi Jonathan (in white) has praised World Faith Abuja and their efforts to help the community.

World Faith Abuja (YOUPEDA) has completed a program providing medical kits and supporting the building of hospital wards for the people of Ebba, a small village in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State. In an April 1st article by NNN’s Angela Atabo, the town has been suffering from poor healthcare conditions, including the need to travel very far for adequate medical care. According to Obi Peter Daniel Onyeigwe, Chapter Director of World Faith Abuja, necessary tools and volunteer hours  have been donated to the primary medical center of the area, equipping doctors to more easily help the 5,000 people who rely on their care and expertise. World Faith Abuja’s efforts have also been recognized by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). In another April article, also by Angela Atabo, she discusses Chief Maikefi Jonathan, Ebba’s community leader, and his appreciation of Obi and the group’s continuing efforts to improve the village. 

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