In chapter one of Genesis – a book held sacred by Judaism, Christianity and Islam – God gives Adam and Eve “dominion” over all the animals and plants upon the earth. The history of humanity reflects this creation story as we have populated nearly every part of the planet, using the resources we have found to support our societies.

For untold centuries forests have been leveled, minerals extracted, waters polluted and species destroyed – mostly without thought to future ramifications. The majority of scientists who have studied climate change fear that the earth may be facing a catastrophe, the potential destruction of living conditions on the planet.

Of course, this has become a divisive political issue, and some scientists and elected officials deny the reality of global man-made climate change and associated environmental damage. According to a story in “Scientific American,” Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) points to the story of Noah and the Great Flood in Genesis to prove that humans need not fear that God will allow the earth to be destroyed again.


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