World Faith Lahore has completed another successful session of the POWER Programme, empowering marginalized women by teaching them basic reading, writing and small business skills, as well as connecting them with microcredit organizations to start their small level business. Here some of the recent graduates share how the program has benefitted them and their families:

It was embarrassing for me, when my kids asked me to check their school homework, because, I was unable to read Urdu and even digits / counting. Due to POWER project six months classes, now I can read basic Urdu and pay our utilities by visiting bank personally. This course gave me knowledge, courage and confidence.” – Kiran Laba

I am planning to start my own grocery store with the help of loan from bank. I am thankful to the POWER team, for providing me an opportunity to learn basic arithmetic skills and formulas” – Sobia Nazir

Six months ago, I was struggling to study the bible, with the help of POWER course, now I can read the bible easily and communicate with my husband and family through messaging service using smartphone.” –Maria Mushtaq

Well done World Faith Lahore, keep up the great work!



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