Social justice has been a lifelong passion for the Rev. Corey Brost, a Viatorian priest who chairs the religion department at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights.

In recent years, Brost has opened students’ eyes to volunteering at local soup kitchens, and stood with teens at suburban train stations protesting the Iraq war.

Brost’s newest project — the Children of Abraham Coalition — brings suburban teens and adults of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths together through their shared lineage in Abraham.

It’s an idea he’s had rolling around in his head for years since he took classes in Islam at the Catholic Theological Union in Washington, D.C.

Brost says post 9/11, he’s seen anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry spread across the country. And interacting with teens on a daily basis, he’s heard anti-Semitic comments that kids “make without realizing.”


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