For the next month the leader of World Faith Gambia, Cherno Yahya Jallow, will be in Germany. Most recently, he attended a conference organized by the Cultural Forum of Baden-Württemberg region on “The Democratic Rebuilding of the Gambia”. The event in centered around discussing the status and future of Gambian refugees that are currently residing in Germany after the 22-year-long dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh, and what is needed to rebuild The Gambia. Cherno was invited to speak by the Gambian community on the work of World Faith and what he envisions as essential for the rebuilding of the country.

Additionally, Cherno had the opportunity to discuss the work of World Faith Gambia with many people at the conference. A group teachers from this group has expressed interest in helping to contribute to the teacher trainings at World Faith Gambia schools. We are excited about the work that Cherno is doing for World Faith and look forward to hearing more of what may come from this trip!

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