World Faith Rongai had a very exciting April!

On April 10th the Chapter honored World Deeds Day by working with their community, both socially and environmentally. They participated in a local food security program–a women’s initiative response–helping plant vegetables to alleviate food challenges in the community.

To protect the earth, the Chapter mobilized the community to participate in cleanup and waste management, as well as planting trees. They used the recycled materials to create crafts, using paper to make colored necklaces while polyethylene papers were used to make plastic baskets. If left unattended, waste is detrimental to the community and animals.

All of their World Deeds Day activities connected the Chapter with their larger mission of saving the environment, especially for their marginalized community members. World Faith Rongai believes that everyone deserves to live in a clean environment where they can develop to be champions of social change and sustainable development.

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