In Abuja, the leadership of YOUPEDA has heard from female participants in their program that the Coronavirus has seriously affected their trade, reduced their income and increased prices for goods. Because of the economic impact on many households, hunger has increased dramatically as well as gender based violence. Like many other places around the world, there is a shortage in temperature kits and PPEs. With the rainy season rapidly approaching, the full impact of the virus on public health and the economy is yet to be seen.

Director Obi Peter Oneyigwe reports that people are scared, and have become suspicious of one another, not knowing who has or has not been exposed to the virus. YOUPEDA is doing all that it can at the moment to support its participants and volunteers. Many people lack an understanding of how to social distance and its importance in spreading the virus, so YOUPEDA started a campaign to raise awareness using text messages and phone calls.  


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