Despite needing to temporarily suspend their current projects due to Coronavirus, World Faith Malawi has begun a campaign to raise awareness about the virus and prevent further spread via WhatsApp and posters (pictured below).

The leadership of World Faith Malawi has focused much of their attention on how the Coronavirus will acutely affect women and girls. Young women, who generally work in small scale businesses, are in the particularly vulnerable position of losing their only livelihood. Additionally, during unstable times such as these, sexual and gender based violence increases.

World Faith Malawi about the rate of attrition of young girls from their education when the pandemic ends. A UNESCO report highlighted that many young girls did not return to school after the Ebola pandemic subsided. World Faith Malawi is currently exploring strategies to keep girls engaged in their education via social media and lobbying policy makers. Beyond gender based issues, WF Malawi is also closely monitoring religious based targeting and violence.

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