“Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah” [Good character comes before Torah] – Orthodox Rabbi Elazar Muskin

“I am here to contend for religious freedom.” – Elder Dallin H. Oaks

“It is therefore our job at this moment to reach out … to show that respect and equality between people of all faiths and none, is a purpose shared. This change can be managed over time and with care, but come it must.” – Former British PM Tony Blair

Tolerance for diverse religious and political views was the theme of presentations made this month by several rabbis, an LDS apostle, and a former prime minister. This is clearly a topic that preoccupies serious thinkers in many faith communities, many of whom are using their prophetic voice to encourage more civility and decency in the public square. While the presentations did not address identical topics, it was heartening to see Jewish, Mormon and Catholic leaders speak out on an issue that transcends theological and political boundaries. READ MORE

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